Homework Idea: Oops Pass


Mrs. J, who teaches 8th grade Language Arts, gives every student 2 Oops passes at the beginning of every quarter. The pass has her name and class on it and gives the student permission to turn in one assignment late. The student, however, must still complete the assignment. If a student does not use an Oops pass by the end of the quarter, s/he can turn them in for 5 extra credit points. Mrs. J keeps track of how many Oops passes each student has turned in so that no one can claim another student’s. I saw a kid (smartly) hole-punch his Oops passes and put them in his 3-ring binder to ensure that they didn’t get lost.


Innovative Homework Ideas

(from R. Wormelli, Day One and Beyond, p. 119

* Design a flag that incorporates the suffragists’ goal in its symbols and pattern.
* How does this painting express the theme of passage?
* Identify the mistake in the student’s solution and what the student still needs to learn.
* Rank these items in order of importance to Herbert Hoover.
* Write a constitution for your underwater city that reflects the policies of ancient Rome.
* Sculpt (literally and figuratively) the meaning of each vocabulary term.
* Create 12 intelligent Qs for which the answer is “chromosome(s).”
* Create a television PSA that persuades young teens to make good decisions regarding snacks after school.
* Create a six-panel comic strip portraying the event.