Grammar Activity

Present a sentence to the class with a blank: If I ____ a penguin, I would dive all day. To make more interactive, print phrases on cardstock and have kids stand at the front of the classroom with them: “If I” “a penguin” “I would dive all day.”

Each team has three possible missing words:  was, am, were. After a set time passed, each team has to choose an answer. Teacher pulls a number and calls on one group to present thier answer and their justification for why it’s right. Other teams can refute/challenge.


Punctuation Activity

Give SS each a word on cardstock and three kids a 1) comma 2) semicolon and 3) period. Let the kids with the words first arrange themselves and then finds ways to correctly use the Punctuation Team in their sentence. Extra points for using all punctuation correctly.

Sample words: I have a dream I want to be pilot